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The Dustbin is where writing gets tested. Sift through a dustbin and you’ll find some interesting rough cuts. We have been following US Politics ever since an orange headed billionaire stood for and then against all odds,  took office as the POTUS! A strange dysfunctional family moved into the White House. The fate of the world now lies ever so much on a person who knows nothing much about it,  whose actions could alter the face of the entire planet, if not wipe everything off it. Television channels scream  of US accusations of Russian interference in the US elections.

The Russians effectively interfered and helped Trump win,  they convincingly claim. The Russians actually were able to influence Americans to vote for Trump by discrediting the Democratic nominee. Abracadabra – Vote for Trump – How did they do it? In search for answers, the US appoints a special counsel to probe Russian interference. How the Trump electoral machine colluded with Russian hackers or internet manipulators to influence  the outcome of the US Elections. The usage of Russian cyber whizes to influence gullible American voters and thus alter the fate of America. This did sound sinister and treacherous!

If you’ve grown up in the era we have, you wonder? KGB and James Bond are the immediate thoughts. And back to reality you consider the accusation – Regime change influenced in the US of A by the Russians. My 1963 born mind cautions me. The Russians haven’t invaded the US. Hope no Nukes or Chemical weapons were used! The Russians haven’t sent cold war era type of KGB spies or infiltrators or hired double agents.

They just posted fake adverts, targeted at “swallow-everything-you-see-on-Television” American populace. WTF are we talking about here? While Robert Muller goes about his task , lets retrospect a bit on Regime change. And as we delve into history on the means used by this very same United States of America using force, politics, money and subterfuge to interfere in other countries political futures, we wonder, on what grounds are the Americans crying foul of Russian interference in their elections. And they are upset their population swallowed these fake news articles strategically placed by a far more intelligent being. United States involvement in regime change has entailed both overt and covert actions aimed at altering, replacing, or preserving foreign governments. In the latter half of the 19th century, the U.