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The ceremony was part of the Fursan Baytik Employee Appreciation Programme that was established to motivate and develop staff potential and well-being. The conference is one of the biggest and most targeted to tech startups. KFH participation comes as part of the bank’s keenness to be present at forums and events concerned with the latest development in the digital world to be utilized in the financial industry and customer service. Digitalization can’t replace banks, yet plays a key role in banking transactions and payment solutions.

Now we are living in a digitalized world. We should utilize it for the best interest of our customers and operations. XTM that allows customers to conduct their transactions and perform many banking services round the clock in a very modern way using advanced tools through visual and audio communication options. KFH strategy focuses on offering the banking services round the clock to customers.

KFH will continuously improve its services and keep abreast of the latest banking technology in order to meet the aspiration of its customers while maintaining its pioneering position as a world leading Islamic financial institution. Innovation, and Digital Commerce, bringing together over 70 speakers and 600 attendees. 2017 Arab Times Kuwait English Daily. The feature you requested does not exist. Mubasher: The indices of Boursa Kuwait closed Wednesday’s trading session with a grouped increase, as the All-Share, Main, and Premier markets added 0. National Industries was the top winner with a rise of 19.

Boubyan Holding led the losers with 9. 76 million on Wednesday compared to KWD 11. 33 million on Tuesday after the trading volume decreased by 31. 94 million, the stock retreated 0. Ithmaar was the most active stock on which 4. The stock closed at 30 fils. Group General Manager Retail Banking at KFH, Fadi Chalouhi said that this innovative service is offered to KFH’s credit and prepaid cardholders as part of the bank’s initiative to enhance e-payment methods.

For consumers and online retailers, Visa Checkout offers an easy and secure way to pay online. Enrolling in Visa Checkout is intuitive and simple, and customers can use any KFH Visa credit or prepaid card or even other KFH branded cards to make purchases from a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. Once enrolled, customers simply provide their username and password to complete the payment process without ever having to leave the merchant’s website. He added that KFH customers can visit KFH. Enroll Now’ on the ‘Visa Checkout’ page and follow the simple steps to add a KFH credit or prepaid card, and enjoy the quick, easy and more convenient payment method for customers in a very secure manner. Chalouhi indicated that KFH strategy focuses on offering innovative banking services and products to its customers, while continuously keeping abreast with latest banking technology in order to meet the aspiration of its customers and maintain the bank’s pioneering position as a world leading Islamic financial institution.

Visa Checkout now has more than 20 million consumer accounts, hundreds of thousands of large and small merchants across 26 countries including the UAE in the region. Distributed by Public, unedited and unaltered, on 04 June 2017 06:39:30 UTC. KFH customers can pay their installments to KCB through KFH website. This facilitates banking transactions for KFH customers that benefit from KCB services.