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Han Lue is a supporting character in Justin Lin’s Better Luck Tomorrow. Han Lue is the cousin of Virgil Hu and friend of Ben Maibag. Using his cousin and Ben, they bought items from the store and afterward, using inventory stickers, used items they didn’t buy the store to refund the money spent on the credit card to avoid the suspicion of their parents. As a result, they made back money, half of which Ben kept in a box for safekeeping. Ben often described Han as Virgil’s opposite. Han and the others make money off of students willing to cheat their way to a higher score on their tests and a better GPA.

Members of the Academic Decathlon team, Han, Ben and Virgil’s meetings at Deric Loo’s house devolves into drinking parties, Han consuming single bottles of alcohol before lighting cigarettes right after them. When the pressure to maintain their small, but profitable criminal life becomes too much for Ben, Ben and Deric decide to quit. Han and the Virgil allow him to depart from their company, but continue with the scheme. It isn’t before long that Han’s cousin ruins things for them by reporting their business around the school. They were caught by the school, Han is forced to take the blame and their operation was busted.

Angry, Han beat his cousin with his belt as a way of punishing him. They later head for the Academic Decathlon championships in Los Angeles. Following their participation in the championship, they retire to their hotel. Deric decided to hire a prostitute, who is willing to have sex with all four of them. Han and Deric are the first to sleep with her, followed by Ben. When Virgil gets the chance to sleep with her, he threatens her with a gun. Furious, the prostitute decides to leave.