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What’s the best automated Forex kamee forex broker the best forex software? This is a discussion on What’s the best automated Forex trading software? I found something called Shark 7.

0 but I’m wondering if anyone here has experience with a similar automated program. I read that they can generally pull in 10X returns every quarter or better. Re: What’s the best automated Forex trading software? So you want an automated program, set it and forget, then the money rolls in, 10x a quarter. Sorry, but you might as well ask for the secret recipe to turn lead into Gold. Having said that, you will find what you’re looking for in the marketing of these sorts of crappy systems. The marketing will certainly tell you what you want to hear, but then after they have your money, you’ll find that not only will the returns promised not materilaise, but you’ll be generating losses after losses.

The best software is a system whose algorithm you know and have successfully backtested. Ninja Trader is the best software when you need both automated and manual trading. Take a look at th link and you will see. I had not yet heard much of M4, what’s its advantages? For people with programming skills It would be great. They give you all the source code so you can modify the program to your individual requirements. They say a few of the big boys use it, so it must have some credibility.

It was too complicated for me so cannot share any real experiences. But if i could program, i would certainly take a look. But you can design and backtest your strategy the best way. Well, you shouldn’t then What’s the broker? And many more details are missed IMHO.