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Interview: Trading Jamie saettele fxcm forex With Jamie Saettele by J. Jamie Saettele is the senior currency strategist at Forex Capital Markets LLC and author of Sentiment In The Forex Market.

His technical strategy is published daily at DailyFX. COMMODITIES, SFO, and Futures magazines, as well as Investopedia. Saettele is an active currency trader employing a discretionary approach to the foreign exchange market. Jamie, how did you get started in trading? In college I was part of a student-managed investment fund.

There were 15 of us and our job was to manage a real money account. JG: Did you just pick stocks, or did you do something else too? My role was providing economic reports. So I was studying a lot of macro-economic topics, and I started focusing a lot on interest rates. That was how I got interested in currencies. 95 Articles are in PDF format only. COMMODITIES magazine is delivered via mail.

After paying for your subscription at store. C Digital Edition in the subscriber’s section on Traders. Shipping outside the US is extra. Washington state addresses require sales tax based on your locale. C Digital Edition5-year subscription to Traders. Who’s online There are currently 11 users online. The FXCM Expo is taking place on November 2 – November 4 in Las Vegas.

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