Indicateur de tendance forex

Any real traders here making indicateur de tendance forex profit? They failed and can’t make money from trading. I am talking about all forums and okers forums , and all the regulars on them. The back tester is very useful for testingĀ  and automated trading.

After 10 years , I put all my knowledge , into 30 different robots, working at the same time. They will trade automatically for life. I want to know how many people from Indonesia is joining this forum. If you’re from Indonesia, please comment this topic.

Hello, I am looking for an alert that uses ema: Moving average exponential indicator in one hour to see the trend line . And rsi in 5minutes to see the entry. Dear, I am using signal but only one signal. Dollar Index April-June 2017 Forecast: ranging correction W1 priceĀ is located above Ichimoku cloud in the primary area of the chart.