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Massive Private Label Rights Article and ebook Package! Learn to speak spanish Ebook – planning a holiday in Spain? All downloads listed here were purchased by floodle. It is rare that something is explained so well. My husband is very, very happy with the book. Thanks again for providing me with what I think is the most valuable trading book I ever purchased.

All my hard work and techniques I have developed over the years have become obsoleteyour materials are worth thousands of dollars and you practically give it away. Any mention of WD Gann is usually preceded or followed with ‘legendary trader. I suppose that’s appropriate because no other stock or commodities trader, R. Elliott excepted, has achieved near cult status. The biggest difference between Gann and Elliott is that the latter published his work and freely divulged his “secrets. 5,000 courses notwithstanding, Gann never did. Above all he was a prolific researcher and writer.