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964 0 0 0 15 20c0 2. 984 0 0 0 19 8c2. She is a character in Horror stories which tell of the horrors forex brokers Horror Story portrayed by Christine Estabrook. Marcy first sold the house a year ago to Chad Warwick and his lover Patrick.

After they were murdered, she sold the house to the Harmons. At first glance, Marcy seems pleasant and friendly, but is secretly contemptuous and bigoted, with her comments clearly showing her as both a racist and a homophobe. After her murder at the Hotel Cortez in 2015, where she has since remained trapped as a ghost, Marcy appears to have significantly evolved as a person by the year 2022. Marcy is the real estate agent responsible for selling the Murder House to the Harmons. The company she works for is called “L.

Patrick and Chad Warwick in the house. Vivien Harmon later calls Marcy back and tells her that she wants to resell the house. Marcy had a hard enough time selling the house the first time and does not wish to get involved again, so she suggests that Vivien might be better off finding a “more seasoned” realtor. Vivien becomes angry with Marcy, and demands that Marcy do all that it takes to sell the house. Marcy informs the Harmons that if they want to sell the house, they had better make it more appealing and suggests that perhaps they could hire a “fluffer” to assist them with their interior design. Marcy says that she knows a young gay man who is willing to help them. The next day, Patrick’s and Chad’s spirits manifest themselves on the Harmons’ doorstep, and the Harmons assume them to be the “fluffers” that Marcy was talking about.