Gtbc bitcoin wallet

Buy TBC gtbc bitcoin wallet at your own risk! That’s the short version of our DISCLAIMER.

TBC is a PEER to PEER Private Crypto-Currency. Kringle coins in order to begin with zero to little financial RISK to yourself. Kringle coins as well as exchanges for Goods and Services must be done at the Current Price only. All large transactions will be investigated by a member of the Admin team.

Discounting TBC or even the attempt to Discount TBC will result in the SUSPENSION OF YOUR TBC WALLET. TBC Members are not allowed to be negative about TBC in Public, such as making a negative Facebook post or comment on any social media. This is also a form of Discounting the TBC currency. When a Member is caught doing such things other Members will report it as ABUSE to Admin and your Send button will be turned OFF for a period of time. We are creating wealth at hyper speeds for all of our Members, and we will not allow ABUSE.

Buyers getting TBC coins at a discount will be suspended too! Millionaires and Billionaires automatically from a single one-time purchase of TBC coins. So, it doesn’t make sense to sell TBC coins to an existing member that already has TBC coins. There are thousands of us here as TBC members, but there are billions of them that are not yet receiving the abundance that comes from owning TBC coins. All of your TBC wallets will be suspended without warning for up to six months if submitted documentation proves that you are attempting to or have broken the Membership Agreement. All buying and selling of TBC coins must be done at the Current Price. Selling TBC coins at a discount is strictly forbidden and punishment will be swift and without notice given.

Sign Up” from the upper right menu. Be sure to use an email address you have access to and check your info before you submit. Enter your password twice to confirm. Then select the ‘I’m not a robot’ check mark and follow the instructions. Some of you may have issues with your TBC wallet. We are just a baby right now. Naturally, you have to be more careful with a baby of anything than you need to be with the adult version of it, right?