Gravity forex indicator

For traders who have mastered the art of trading with COG, the Stochastic COG should be no problem to interpret. It appears to lead the On Chart COG as divergence takes place as you gravity forex indicator expect. Having linear regression logic, the present is often a different story. I personally do not trade with it, but have noticed that it can serve as a very good overall trend channel style indicator.

If you want to see how a COG behaves in real time, I have made a video that shows both indicators working together. If you do not have much experience with COG style indicators, just Google the term and you will find several strategies being discussed on the forums. Hi, is it possible to modify this code such that it doesnt update the past values, so that when a new bar opens only the COG lines of that bar are modified? I was looking into doing this but my skills with coding and mql4 isn’t up to par. How to set as photo that you post? The indicator figures out the gain value based in minimal and maximal values inside the sample and period programmed.

Renko Scalper EA achieved best results on Renko Chart. Renko Chart is not mine but I used it to write EA on it. Export Trades Exports your history into a . You can sort your trades and see easily how much a certain EA won or lost. When the price has moved below the BOTTOM GREEN line of the Center of Gravity indicator and the bar has CLOSED, you should become alert and wait arrow blue of MA OC. Wait for the price to move above the TOP GREEN line of the Center of Gravity indicator and the bar to CLOSE.

You can use a fixed stoploss or a trailing stop, You can also move the stops manually each and every time a new support or resistance level develops. You can keep it 1:2 for example, if you are using a stoploss of 25, you can put a takeprofit of 50. You can also use no takeprofit levels at all and let the trades run closing them when you have an opposite trade signal, this will bring you some more pips. You can use for Profit Target the middle band of Center of Gravity. We can simply analyze the trend and get the exact entry to trade by looking this picture.

But in reality it will not work. Trust me it will REPAINT . Bottom and Top lines will stretch out. Hi Ronald, does this indicator repaint ? Because the original COG from Benkyalate does repaint, which makes it impossible to verify if passed prices crossed the upper and lower lines.