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Analysis of spelling mistakes in WP vs. Is there a physicist in the house? A discussion is underway at Wikipedia talk:Featured article candidates, regarding electing leaders. Sorry, the discussion is long and heated and no simple section to send you, but see the whole page.

GOCE coordinator leadership and elections have been mentioned as one model to learn from. And this is not evil “canvassing”. You can feel free to say what a bad guy TCO is too. Where we are now is, User:Mike Christie has put up a poll to determine which of the multitudinous issues we’re going to tackle first. At the moment, it looks like first up is going to be a discussion about the current FAC leadership, specifically User:Raul654. I’m not sure if this had been raised before, but after having briefly looked at the main page’s progress table, it’s becoming increasingly clear to me that since September 2011, the net effect of bi-monthly drives has been negative. Only a 378-article improvement were made since then, versus the 583-article total increase during October and December.

Compare this to earlier drives, during which more than 5624 articles were cleared while a net 1727 articles were added. I’ve got a few comments about and a few suggestions for this issue. I suppose this could be partially achieved through direct invitations with prospective GOCE members. By the way, what happened to all those users who logged more than 100,000 words during earlier drives? We’re growing as a project, but our drives aren’t as lively as they used to be. What we need to do is encourage all of our incoming new members to participate in our Backlog elimination drives. I was looking at the archives here because I was involved in GOCE in 2009, but the archives begin in March 2010.

Does anyone know what happened to the pre-March 2010 archives? Here is this page as it was 200 edits ago, linking to all the old archives. Since then, someone has collapsed it in a way that doesn’t provide for its expansion. Does anyone know how to make it expandable?