Free forex trading signals sms zdarma

ARE YOU Free forex trading signals sms zdarma TO MAKE MONEY ? The Forex is interesting because it continuously score from Sunday evening to Friday evening. A pip is the smallest change in the rating of a currency pair. A pip is the fourth decimal place : 0.

If you buy at this level and that it resells to 1. In this case the pip is 0. USD , the currency of the left is called the base currency. The right one is the motto of negotiation. 3080 side this means that a euro is worth 1. A batch is typically about 100,000 dollars. The value of a dimension point is 0.

Rest assured, you are not obliged to buy for 100,000 dollars. Forex operates in effect at the margin. Due to the existence of the margin , there is a leverage when you trade Forex. We note the leverage : 100: 1. More leverage , the greater your account to be well capitalized . I advise you, at first not too hard to understand. The advantage of Forex is that you can sell short , that is to say that one can sell without possessing a pair , to redeem later realizing a capital gain or a capital loss .

Unlike stocks , it is winner down as well as up . If you buy , you will pay 1. In fact it is the remuneration of the broker . On the Forex brokers do not charge commission fees, but only a spread : once you buy you are losing the value of the spread. Indeed, if you sell right away, you must sell back to the lower range , ie 1.