Fraktalas forex exchange

The technical indicator fraktalas forex exchange time frame time frame CCI. 4 4 establishes the direction of the trend on 4 different time frames. The technical indicator MT5 3x nonlinearregression automatically plots a trend channel calculated on a non-linear regression. The indicator technical MT5 ADXDMI is a simple trend indicator based on the ADX oscillator.

The technical indicator MT5 Anchored Momentum Candle is a Anchored Momentum oscillator shown in the form of candlesticks. Stable successful trading is the dream of every trader. Criticism of Bill Williams has long subsided, after his method of structural analysis of the market has proved its profitability. Williams’ fractal strategy is based on working out of the two signals from this scheme of fractals and balance lines. After the first opening on the fractal signals, the volume can be added to the position after the appearance of an additional signal of the remaining three dimensions.

This makes it possible to take the maximum profit from any trend movement. Basic tool of the technique is fractals that show the beginning of the price pyramid and the entry signals. A combination of moving averages called Alligator by the author is used as an indicator of the direction and strength of the trend. Three Alligator lines are balance lines for a greater time period. The number of bars is not regulated, and it is not necessarily, for example, that the max of the following candles declined steadily for the up fractal, or min of the central bar was above the rest. Situation is similar for down fractals. Surge of the prices by at least 1 point outside the fractal limits upward is considered the breakthrough of the sellers.

Important: historically, the theory of fractals was created for the stock market, which has a different structure, driving factors and tactics of the players. Therefore, fractals in Forex strategy should be used only in conjunction with trend indicators. The Williams’ fractal strategy uses standard indicators. A built-in indicator Fractals with default settings is used to find fractals. Arrows of the indicator define the found fractals and do not repaint. The Alligator indicator is usually used with default settings, but allows customization. Strategy can be used in two ways.

Stop is still recommended to set behind the level of the key fractal. Please keep in mind that 1-2 candles after the key bar shall not be taken into account, because at the time of appearance of the indicator arrow they have to be closed, i. Important: a significant portion of the trend movement is lost in waiting for the “appropriate” fractal. This strategy needs a serious deposit.