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Download Price Action Dashboard Indicator Scans ALL Currency Pairs That Have The Greatest Probability Of Winning. Download Trend Focus Indicator Beats Moving Average By Forum forex indicator mt4 Long Mile! Forex HMA Trend Indicator MT4 is a remarkable invention in the expansion of modern trend indicator development.

The reason behind the popularity of this trend based indicator is it uses double filter to detect a trend as correctly as possible. These patterns are classified as Slow and Fast HMA. When both of these tools generate same signal, signaling arrows appear at the chart indicating the current trend. It is very easy to read the signals generated from Forex HMA Trend Indicator. Besides, you can apply it on any currency pair and in any timeframe chart.

Slow HMA: The second dotted horizontal row of the oscillator window is the Slow HMA. It reads larger period of market data and produces less signals than Fast HMA. Signal Arrow: It plots arrows as trend signals when both Fast and Slow HMA signals the same direction of the market. Forex HMA Trend Indicator is a remarkable invention in the expansion of modern trend indicator development.

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