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Effective today, December 4, 2017, Mr. This news follows a series of forex wiki russell issued on his activities as an independent marketing associate.

Wahlroos from all his activities and responsibilities for the Network. The company has experienced serious legal consequences, following Mr. Wahlroos’ behavior on and off stage, indirectly damaging its credibility and reputation. While at first glance it might appear Wahlroos has been terminated, if you read again you’ll find he’s only been demoted. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Wahlroos’ demotion however is his attitude towards it. Given he seems to have just lost access to that gateway, I’d say he’s taking it rather well.

The only explanation for Wahlroos’ attitude that fits is his demotion hasn’t cost him much. In fact I’d even go so far as to say it paid off. Had Wahlroos been making enough on recruitment commissions at the time of his termination, there’d likely have been an uproar. Instead he’s gone quietly, which means whatever Wahlroos was making, he hasn’t been for some time.