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Windows XP, once the darling of computer users, has not been receiving any updates from Microsoft since April, 2014. Although Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows XP, even today, there are more computers running Windows XP than Windows 8. Many forex tu aparincia users love Windows XP for its simple user interface. The decade old operating system doesn’t ask for powerful hardware unlike its successors.

And above all, most of the software out there still support Windows XP. Despite all these good things, the fact is that Windows XP is now outdated and users are slowly but steadily switching to Windows 8. 1 as well as the latest Windows 10. Windows 10, the successor to Windows 8.

In addition of the much requested Start menu, Windows 10 is full of new features and surprises. Moreover, Windows 10 is absolutely free for current Windows 7 and Windows 8. Windows XP themes on your Windows 10. The pack includes Windows XP’s Luna, Metallic, Royale and Zune for the latest Windows 10.

As you can see, all Windows XP themes that have been ported to Windows 10 looking well on Windows 10. In addition to those five themes, the pack includes original Windows XP wallpapers as well. If you love the idea of having Windows XP themes on Windows 10 but not sure to how to download and install them, here is how. Installing Windows XP themes in Windows 10 Before installing any visual style, we recommend you manually create a system restore point just to be on the safer side. If anything goes wrong, which is very unlikely, you can use the previously created restore point to restore earlier settings with a few mouse clicks without losing data. To prepare your Windows 10 for third-party themes, you need install the latest UXStyle, which can be downloaded from here. Windows XP themes for Windows 10 folder.