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World’s Largest Sinhala Educational Website that Hosts Free Computer Training Video Tutorials and Lessons. COM is an E-Learning project, Sinhala educational web site, which enables Sri Lankan community to explore the world of Information Technology. This website resides more than thousand educational Sinhala video forex trading tutorial in tamil and “screencasts” related to various computer subjects.

Developing computer skills of the nation has become very important aspect of the overall development of the country‚Äôs economy and its social development. COM would like to contribute something to the development process of the ICT education in Sri Lanka. I as an e-trainer believe this would encourage other educators to find new methods in teaching and contribute those to the development process of the nation’s education system. IT industry has become very important in the process of its development. Every person in the society should have access to information technology and its related services. Using local languages to introduce new technology has proven better results.

COM is an attempt of an ICT localization in Sri Lanka. Through this web site I try to teach ICT in Sinhala language. I suppose that would be benefited to most people who want to learn computing. Secondarily, I hope learners would be encouraged to use the World Wide Web for learning activities. E-learning has become one of the main streams of learning in the western world and in developed nations.

So using the internet for learning would become more popular among our people too. This also let people to share their knowledge and resources more effectively. Latest Sinhala Video Lessons and Computer Tutorials Information about our latest Sinhala video lessons and computer tutorials are tweeted on our Twitter page. Please follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates of our site. Use the following list to find our latest tutorials that are published daily.

How to install Microsoft Windows XP, 7 and 8 Windows XP and Windows 7 are the most commonly used Microsoft operating systems. But most users don’t know how to install these operating systems. These sinhala video lessons will guide them to install Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems without any hassle. Keeping this in mind we have already introduced various types of open source application, frameworks and operating systems through the web site.