Forex trading strategy 7 simple macd crossover

This swing trading strategy has the  potential to average more than 100 pips a month. You just forex trading strategy 7 simple macd crossover to manage your risks and it can be a real killer forex swing trading system for you.

Ok, enough of trash talk, lets get started with a bit more detail into the GBPUSD forex swing trading strategy. With this forex swing trading system, you need to use the 4hr chart as well as the daily chart to make a trading decision. Your trade entries are made in the 4hrs but you need to check the daily timeframe for what the main trend is before you enter a trade on the 4hr timeframe. EMA 4, EMA14, and EMA 50 on the 4hr chart. Your stop loss should be 50 pips.

Exit the trade when 4EMA reverses and crossed 14EMA on the next open candle. Last but not the least, you need a good filter to filter out potential bad trade setups with this swing trading system. D on the stochastics are the two line on the stochastic indicator chat that cross each other based on where price is going. The reason why you need to use the stochastic on the daily chart is pretty simple:follow the trend. The daily chart has more importance than the 4hr chart.

Now if you are still confused, these two charts below will make things a bit more easier for you to understand. Click on the charts if you need to see it more clearly. 4ema crosses the 14 and if that’s in a nice trending market on a 4hr chart, that could mean hundreds of pips of profit you can make. The biggest problem I see with this trading system is the entry because moving averages are lagging indicators therefore the ideal  entry point would have been anywhere from 2-7 candles back. This forex strategy is definitely not good for ranging market, expect your stop losses to get hit frequently. CAN YOU USE THIS FOREX TRADING  STRATEGY WITH OTHER CURRENCY PAIRS?