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How forex trading in india youtube broadcast will the crypto market become? His remarks were received with enthusiasm within crypto, but even here, sentiment remained skeptical.

While most other expert estimates do not range upward to those heights, they all seem to agree that the measurement of the crypto market should be measured in trillions, not billions. I predict we’ll see even greater levels of public engagement from Ripple going forward. Many of the bank’s corporate clients had supply chain payments that needed to be routed between the two countries. We are using blockchain technology to streamline cross-border payments as part of the first live, real-time payments corridor between Singapore and India that we initiated in 2017. We will expand this capability to five more pairs of countries in 2018. Intrigue and Anticipation For those that don’t already know, Codius is Ripple’s smart contract platform.

The old version of Codius functions, but development of its capabilities and features was stopped in favor of a pivot towards the Interledger Protocol, or ILP, in 2015. Back then, our conclusion was that a viable smart contracts ecosystem requires a standard for payments first. Now that Interledger exists, we are revisiting the idea of building smart contracts. Codius that is built on Interledger. You can expect to see more on this in 2018.