Forex trading firms in mumbai

With the increase in number of stock broker, people have a lot of stock brokers to choose from, but still it is not easy to choose. Forex trading firms in mumbai need to be sure of what is that you want from the Brokers.

Phone trading: Most of the brokers have started to provide online trading services to their customers. Some of them also provide trading on phone or even physically at their location. Decide what would be a good fit for you. How often do you trade: Whether you are a trader or investor. Investor is someone who trades few times a year while trader will trade at least few times a month. If you are an investor brokerage generally won’t make a big difference in your returns while if you are a trader, brokerage can mean whether you end up making a profit or loss.

So decide whether you want to be a trader or investor before choosing a broker. Will you require advice to trade: Would you need financial adviser to suggest you trades or would you be trading on your own? If you need adviser, remember to get some historical data of how good the broker is known to provide advice is and would you be comfortable giving him your money. Full service broker generally will have research desk which will send you a lot of recommendations for trading in stocks. Doing trade without internet: One more thing to keep in mind while looking at the broker is whether or not it provides call-n-trade service.