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We hate SPAM and we promise to keep your email address safe. No thanks, I have already subscribed! 2010, we took our 1st European river cruise aboard the Viking Forex trading education in bangalore tv, which comes out of Paris, France.

We were aboard when the Iceland volcano went off, grounding planes throughout Europe. At the end of the cruise, we were stuck, without airplanes, hotel room availability in Paris, and a rail strike. All Viking had to do was leave us at the airport terminal, and drive away. However, what they did do was this: were were allowed to stay aboard, have a room, have meals, and cruise with them on the Seine river. They didn’t charge us for anything except bar bills.

Viking River Cruises took the high road. We are now patrons for life. This is how all companies should operate! So glad that you had a favorable experience during the volcano eruption shut down of airlines, etc. We, on the other hand, did not get to Berlin due to the flight situation. Viking issued us vouchers for less than half of the fare we paid to them and the vouchers must be used by year’s end.

Guess they didn’t really lose – you spent more money on the bar tab and the rooms were paid for by people who couldn’t possibly fly in order to reach the embarkment location thus were empty enabling your favorable experience. I really mean what I said – I’m glad you had a favorable result and am glad someone was able to get some enjoyment on a cruise that week. While you are customers for life, I get a headache just hearing the name of the company and will tell everyone I know just how awful their customer relations have been. WOW, I WAS CONSIDERING ONE OF THESE CRUISES BUT AFTER READING ALL OF THESE COMPLAINTS AND HOW THE COMPANY HANDLED THEM, I WILL DEFINITELY PASS!

I HONESTLY AM IN AWE THAT A COMPANY WITH SOOOO MANY COMPLAINTS IS IN BUSINESS. THE POSTS ON THESE THAT SAY PLEASE CONTACT BLAH BLAH BLAHWOULD NOT EVEN BE NECESSARY IF IT WERE A GOOD COMPANYTHANK GOODNESS FOR THE INTERNET! Aaron Greenspan aka Aaron Jacob Greenspan plainsite. Aaron Greenspan, Judith Greenspan, Neil Greenspan, Plainsite. I fell for Kairos Home marketing messages and thought they were one of the top builders. The Kairos Home is one of the poorly executed projects with inferior quality tiles, doors and interiors. Aaron Greenspan aka Aaron Jacob Greenspan plainsite.

Aaron Greenspan, Judith Greenspan, Neil Greenspan, Plainsite. You are seeing this page because we have detected unauthorized activity. Enter your email address associated with your Franchiseindia account and we’ll send you a link to reset your password. Licenses for Opening New Restaurant When you decide to open a restaurant in India, certain licenses and permits are required. Trade license: This can be acquired from local civil authorities of that area. Eating house license: This is provided by Licensing Police Commissioner of that city. Liquor license: In case your restaurant is to serve liquor, you must have this license.

This can be obtained from local Excise Commissioner. Fire Department: You have to ensure the compliance of all the fire safety guidelines. This has to be done before submitting the application, for obtaining a NOC, to the Chief Fire Officer. You can also contact the Chief Fire Officer in case there is a delay in carrying out the inspection or issue of fire safety guidelines, or issue of NOC after the inspection has been carried out etc.

The department does not levy any charges for this job for the time being. Lift clearance: In case yours is a multi-storey restaurant and you want to install a lift, you need to get clearance from an inspector from electricity department as well as the Labour Commissioner of the city. Music license: For playing recorded music or video in your restaurant, you need to obtain this license Phonographic Performance Ltd. They have been functioning as copyright providers for sound recordings of music and creations of its members. This permit is from the EMA for certain types of projects or activities. There are other insurance policies also which are not mandatory but useful. Related:  How to start a restaurant business?

Act, 1954: The PFA Act covers food standards, general procedures for sampling, analysis of food, powers of authorized officers, nature of penalties and other parameters related to food. It protects India against impure, unsafe, and fraudulently labelled foods. Shops and Establishment Act: You are required to register your restaurant under the Shops and Establishment Act. Signage license: You will be required to obtain this license from local civil authorities. About:The “Just” in our Name “Just Falafel” has always stood.