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When Moses Iheanacho left the university five years ago, he had high hopes of securing a job with one of the oil servicing companies, but he had to settle for teaching in a private nursery and primary school when his efforts to get the dream job failed to translate into reality. Though he was grateful that he got something doing, he was never satisfied with the forex trading companies in ghana that make door as he considered it way below what he ought to be doing.

He saw the teaching job as a stopgap, and was desperately looking for better opportunities. In October 2016, his luck shone through as he was invited for an aptitude test by an oil servicing company in its Victoria Island, Lagos office. He prepared well for the test and was already dreaming of moving out of poverty. On the appointed day, he left his Sango place of residence in Ogun State by 5am to sit for the test at 10am. The journey was slowly and steadily progressing until the bus conveying him and others to Obalende got to a U-Turn and got  stuck in the gridlock caused by the construction of a bridge at Abule-Egba.

What started like a joke soon assumed a frightening dimension as the bus could not get to Iyana Ipaja until around 8am. He was sweating profusely, with his fellow passengers, driver and conductor paying little or no attention to his predicament. Another shocker awaited him at the Iyana Owo end of the Third Mainland Bridge, where an accident involving about six vehicles occurred some 20 minutes before the bus he boarded arrived there. Eventually, he arrived the company at 10. 50am only to see other candidates invited for the test coming out, some beaming with smile for successfully completing the test, while waiting for the result. The security men at the gate did not even allow Iheanacho to enter the premises, mockingly telling him about the high level of his lack of seriousness.

At least three of every 10 years spent in Lagos is lost to traffic, a survey by a Lagos-based transport firm, Planet Projects, has shown. It, therefore, means that residents of Lagos, Nigeria’s economic capital, spend an average of seven hours, 20 minutes in traffic every day. The Managing Director, Planet Projects, Mr. Biodun Otunola, says 70 per cent of the city’s traffic bottlenecks can be located on road junctions. He says this is taking a heavy toll on the health of the road users, reducing their lifespan and adversely affecting their productivity as well as the economy of the nation. Driving to work daily and being stuck in traffic for hours causes fatigue, leads to low productivity and burning of fuel. For instance, he says the Lekki-Epe Expressway, which is initially designed to move an average of 7,000 vehicles, now has to contend with about 70,000 automobiles.

He also stresses that there is no need to build new roads in Lagos, adding that what is required is to work on the existing ones, remove some junctions and focus on effective public transportation. According to him, economic development and improvement in standard of living may not be achieved unless necessary steps are taken to tackle the challenges in the transportation sector. To solve the problem of traffic gridlock for which Lagos has become annoyingly notorious, experts are using technology to solve some of the problems. While sitting in the Lagos traffic for hours may seem like a necessary evil, several app developers have found ways to make navigating the city’s roads less agonising. Making your way through the streets of Lagos has never been easier thanks to these navigational apps, which provide detailed street maps, transit information, and provide interesting data on commuting. If you are stuck in a gridlock or looking for easy ways to get past a roadblock, these apps have got you covered.

Gidi Traffic is a community-based traffic and navigation app that lets you share real-time transit information in Lagos. It alerts you before you approach police checkpoints, accident scenes, road hazards or traffic jams, and lets you scout the city for jobs, stores, people and places. You can also make inquiries about anything and get replies instantly, as well as share traffic reports with your friends on numerous social networks. The incidents are then marked on the road, route and map showing the precise locations. The app assists authorities like the FRSC and the Nigerian police to monitor and report traffic situations, track road crimes and armed robberies.

The Traffic Lite App is aimed at easing traffic on Lagos roads. The app is a community-based traffic application, which provides real-time traffic updates, including accidents, speed traps and hazards on the roads to subscribers on the platform, which is intended to help them save time, money as well as aid in improving daily commuting for all. Its traffic report shows the actual cumulative speed on the route, actual number of road commuters present on the route, estimated travel time, route distance and bottlenecks along the route. Users can also save custom routes and share with friends as well as send automatic traffic route reports or alerts. It is available on Android and Blackberry App world.