Forex spread betting australia news

Financial spreadbetting has many benefits for trading stocks, indices, forex and commodities. Dealing costs are non existent because the spreadbetting bookmaker will allow free dealing as they take their commissions from their quoted spread. In forex spread betting australia news UK and many other countries all profits from spreadbetting are tax free.

This is a big advantage for traders who may have already hit their maximum amount of profit before capital gains tax is applied. Online spread betting of financial markets is done in a very similar way to a standard broker, and the online trading platforms are second to none. Each stock or index will quote you a buy or sell price, you simply buy or sell the price with an amount per point. If the Dow Jones traded down to 10500 you would buy the Index to close the spreadbet.

Spreadbetting carries the same amount of risk as any other trading method. So it always wise to try out a fully functional demo account from a company first. Financial Spread Betting was developed in the UK and is NOT available in all countries. For example, it is NOT available to USA residents. Some countries offer spread betting and other countries allow residents to have an account with a UK spread betting company and conduct business on-line. To our knowledge it is available to most European residents as well as residents in Australia and many other countries. Complete real-time news for UK equities professionals and active non-professional traders.