Forex quotes explained from heart

THE PRUDENT INVESTOR: Why I’m ditching lousy fund managers who can’t even beat a robot! 58bn global empire steps down – but will he now run for US president? Rebecca Goodman: Victory for This is Money as Ofcom FINALLY says Virgin Media’s exit fee is forex quotes explained from heart high – so why is it still getting away with charging it?

What is an investment trust and why would you want to put your savings into one? Do the crises in Argentina and Turkey spell danger for emerging markets as the strong dollar stings? Struggling British engineer GKN could find itself at the centre of a bidding war as American buyout giant Carlyle weighs up a counter bid. Carlyle’s interest in GKN has reportedly intensified in recent months after the engineer’s share price was hammered by two profit warnings.

GKN, meanwhile, is powering ahead with its own growth strategy, unveiling plans to split its aerospace and cars divisions, as well as appointing interim chief Anne Stevens as full-time boss, which saw her become the FTSE 100’s eighth female chief executive. The bank is Sharia compliant and therefore quotes expected profit rather than guaranteed interest, which is paid quarterly, or on maturity. It is a Portfolio Isa which means savers can open more than one Isa under the same tax-free wrapper to divide cash between easy-access and fixed rates. AER interest on its Online Easy Access account. Watch out after 12 months the rate drops to 0. The bank is Sharia compliant and therefore quotes expected profit rather than guaranteed interest. AER variable interest on its easy access deal.

What is behind the FTSE 100’s sudden sharp rise? When is a good time to start investing? I flew to Hungary to have my teeth fixed. The comments below have not been moderated. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. What on earth has been going on in Italy and what does it mean for you?

When is a good time to start investing – and how can you cut the risks? Where are the best places to invest in 2018 – and will UK shares be one of them? As house prices slow and tax hikes bite, is buy-to-let still worth doing? Fed up with being hit by energy price shocks? Start a power surge by switching NOW to a cheaper supplier. I received a mailshot offering free entries into the National Lottery – is it a scam?