Forex price action candlesticks stocks

Select a criteria category and group first, and the list of corresponding criteria will show. Click on criteria you need, type a parameter if needed and click on Add Criterion forex price action candlesticks stocks. The criterion will be added to the selection list.

SR calculates so called ‘typical move’ for given asset and defines support and resistance levels. Check documentation, screencasts and examples for additional info. Sounds to nice to be true? Don’t miss the tutorials in screencast section! Six adjustable HODL Levels that define typical move size.

HODL SR depends on ATH value. Find correct ATH from other source and enter it here. Adjust to collect as many spikes as possible. Prints Micro Levels between main SR levels. Switch to Monthly timeframe and check if All Time High is present in graph. If not, find the correct value from alternative resource.

If ATH is missing, set ‘All Time High’ to correct value from alternative source. If the charts data is not accurate or the highest high of all time is missing, find the correct value from other source and enter it here. If the price moves higher then previous all time highest high, tick this checkbox. NOTE: You must enter previous highest high of all time to the box above!

SR and become successful trader in no time. Adjust the properties as per documentation. Don’t forget to turn on Show Buy Sell Levels. In that case, you are on your own. Position yourself on the right side and wait for market to calm down. Do the opposite when the price moves down. Create your own indicator, strategy or bot for whatever platform out there.

If you don’t know where to find the tickerid, let me know and I’ll help. ASSET ID to access HODL API. Importance is relative to other levels. API returns four main SR levels.

Two levels above and two levels below the given price. Please cache the levels and make requests to API ONLY when the price enters new level. Can I change assets during subscription? If you need to change assets during subscription, drop me a mail. I’m working on backend, where you will be able to do that yourself. How can I use this data on a chart? If you are not a coder, you can still use HODL SR API.