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All downloads listed here were purchased by floodle. Accessories Shipping from our warehouse in Melbourne! We are featuring our world-renowned Classic and Cycle Hill Tyre Changers along with our top accessories, tools, supplies and spare parts. We are based in the USA and accept payment in US Dollars only – not AU Dollars. We ship containers of our product to an automated shipping warehouse in Melbourne, so shipping will be local, affordable, and fast! Waist-high, scratch-proof bead breaker saves your back AND your wheels. Multiple ways to mount your tyre changer, whether you’re in the shop or on the go.

Durable powder coat on all metal surfaces, with easy-to-replace consumable parts. Pro tyre machine and balancer you sold me at the Timonium Motorcycle Show earlier this year. Never a worry about damaging the soft finish on my expensive BMW HP4 wheels. The hitch mount worked out great during our northern CA trip. Your tips and information have turned me into a tiring changing expert. I take my Cycle Hill model with me to the races, just bolt it to the floor of my trailer.

I’ll probably step up and get a higher end model for my garage soon. Kind of a pain to be switching my Cycle Hill back and forth. The No-Mar tyre changer is a great addition to our garage and allows us freedom to perform our tyre needs in house and purchase tyres from any vendor to keep our expenses manageable. Kris and I are looking forward to using our No-Mar product extensively and wanted to just say thanks! 170k miles on a 03 Honda VTX 1300.