Forex magnates london summit 2016 dave

Our Speakers You forex magnates london summit 2016 dave hear from some of the most influential people in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Our speakers include industry leaders and visionaries who have helped shape the phenomenon which has changed the world as we knew it. Our party will unite the most prominent experts and decision makers of the Cryptoverse with the world of fashion, sensation and allure.

Join for the unique networking like you’ve never experienced before, while enjoying the most stylish music and shows. Is the ICO dead but not buried yet? Moderator – Dave Young, Presenter on Cryptovest. Founder of Greenlight Investment Circle Inc.

Motti Peer, Co-CEO of Blonde 2. How Blockchain is Empowering Businesses and Communities? Senior Partner at Avolta Partners, leading European Tech Investment Bank and European Crowdfunding Network Co-Founder. From Holding to Spending: Will e-commerce revolutionize crypto or the other way around? A 3-minute idea pitch from the main big stage by ICOs to the Conference’s audience. REGISTRATION IS CLOSED You can buy a ticket with cash at the venue. Paris arrived in Bulgaria in 2005 as a MBA Enterprise Corps business consultant with a penchant for online marketing.

Soon after, he co-founded the Finzoom Financial Guide Network in Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey. In 2009, Paris founded digital marketing agency Hop Online, which targets the US and other English-speaking markets. From 2014-2016, Paris served as Country Business Development Manager for Google Bulgaria. Michael is one of the most successful dealmakers in the region with over 10 years of experience in structuring investments and attracting capital into Ukraine. He has handled the market’s most innovative and complex investments, finance and capital markets transactions for the total amount over USD 30 billion.

In 2004 he co-founded Sayenko Kharenko law firm, which has rapidly become one of the leading full-service business law firms in Ukraine. Ilan Tzorya is a seasoned venture capitalist with extensive experience, spanning 10 years, in developing and operating online media marketing, technology platforms, and financial services markets around the world. Pavel Kravchenko is a decentralized systems expert, PhD information security, university lecturer and public speaker. Confirmed anti expert on all things crypto, presenting weekly video shows on Cryptovest – Hash for Cash – news roundups and Token Talk – an independent ICO review show, where I select the 3 most interesting options of the week, walking in the shoes of the common investor and evaluating from their standpoint. The best defense against this darker side is greater knowledge and education and my role is to present a more detailed viewpoint in the ICO world amongst the plethora of paid, sponsored opinions and viewpoints spewing forth from many crypto media sources. Ulyana is also a co-founder and lead of two fintech incubation programs Fintech Master and Open Banking Lab at 1991 Open Data Incubator. Dmytro Shymkiv is a technology entrepreneur, an innovator, and a respected professional with 20 years of leadership experience in the IT industry across Ukraine, Europe and the United States.

He now act as a Secretary of the National Reform Council to the President of Ukraine and Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine. Theme: From Holding to Spending: Will e-commerce revolutionize crypto or the other way around? Gavel Coin, two companies which are poised to revolutionize ecommerce by integrating all cryptocurrencies into one global marketplace, allowing anyone in the world to directly spend and receive cryptocurrency when exchanging goods and services. 360 billion ecommerce industry in very positive ways. With 26 years in online marketing and startups launching, Itay Adam, the man behind the curtain for online traffic, comes forward to speak at the NEXT BLOCK conference about ICO campaign structure. In his past, Itay was one the web’s top online affiliates, practicing mainly in mailing and database monetizations.

2M with no idea nor product. Motti Peer is the Co-CEO of Blonde 2. 0, an award-winning global PR agency. Forbes With A team of 35 professionals Blonde 2.