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It is a condition which forex india real mainframe cobol you freedom from hazard, risk, accident which may cause injury, damage and loss to material or property damage and even death. Safety is defined as freedom from those condition that can cause injury to persons including death or damage to property or environment.

It is an unexpected or unplanned event which may or may not result in injury or damage or property loss or death. It is defined as a harmful condition sustained by the body as a result of an accident. Inherent property of a substance or an occurrence which has potential to cause loss or damage property, person or environment. In probability of the realization of potential for loss or damage or injury. It is an event which represents deviation from the intended sequence of designed steps. Any company has a social and legal obligation to provide a safe and health working environment to all his improvement to all his employees. The safety audit is the process that identifies un-safe conditions and unsafe acts the plant and recommended safety improvement.

Walk through It evaluates the unsafe condition notice able to naked eye during work through the plant. Inter mediate-more details study and review of plant design and plant operation. It evaluates the safety factors in the plant on the base engineering, analysis, testing, measurement. Safety tag can be defined a surface made of card board or paper board on which English local languages letters written for warning safety instructions to employees.

Safety programme can be defined as five methods by which accident can be prevent easily they are engineering, education, enforcement, enthusiasm and example safety programmes are plain spoken and carry out certain legal steps. Attitude may be described as continuous behavior . Emergency planning can defined as a control measurer. It can control the accidents safe guard people and provide information to media. Any work above 2 meters from ground is caused work at height. An area which is small and enclosed or an area where one entry and exits or where a man cannot work comfortable in any location is caused confined space. Marking a hole or tunnel by digging the ground by man or machine is called excavation.

It is a temporary platform constructed for supporting both men and materials and working safety at a construction site. The process of joining of metals either by electrical or by gas is called welding. The process of joining of cutting metals by using oxygen and combustible gas is called gas cutting. The process of removing rust dust, dirt, scales and old prints from the old surface using compressed air is called sand blasting.

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