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The PZ Goldfinch EA is a pure mathematical scalper that trades tick data aggressively. It implements a simple and universal trading strategy which can be applied to any instrument. The average profit factor is above 2. The Pz Goldfinch EA trades the M15 timeframe and forex gratuit very few input parameters.

It is extremely easy to optimize. Best results are obtained with tight trading parameters. Download this free expert advisor today and have a lot of fun! FIFO Compliant, make sure to enable FIFO in inputs. Do I need a VPS to run the EA? You probably do, unless you want to trade just a few hours a day. Why are live results and testing results different?

Because the Metatrader Tester generates ticks using an algorithm, which do not reflect the true behavioral tick data of a live market. Avoid spam, offensive remarks, self-promotion and posting personal or payment information. The comment section is for discussion and questions only. Please note that we’ll never solicit payments in the comments section.