Forex gold trader simple system

Looks like ECB bond buying starts to have toxic side effects. Looks like we could see huge draw in forex gold trader simple system inventories . Inventories one of the biggest scams in commodity trading .

70 billion Trump will sign a deal and claim victory . Compliance can kill every economy or company . As for skilled laborthat’s what happens when you Outsource production overseas for 25 yearsbegun in the Clinton Admin and raise a generation of edumacated idiots who know nothing about anything. USA can always outsource production to Mexico or China . JP how do i fix it ? New Italian government wants to stop sanctions against Russia . Very smart move as Russia could be big trading partner of Italy and Europe .

Without tariffs and trade war . Looks like Trump himself was surprised by the strength of these service opinion numbers ? May 2018 ISM Services PMI stronger. Why is the US budget deficit not shrinking with full employment and an overheating economy . What am I or Keynes missing ? As expected US economy doing mega great and getting better and better.