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Your email has been sent successfully. A visit to IDS is a must for dental professionals, dental laboratories, as well as representatives of the forex fuar specialised trade and the dental industry.

Get more impressions of IDS 2017. Whether you go to your local travel agent or post office, buy currency online or wait until you get to the airport, making the most of the exchange rate can depend on a number of factors. Find out about the different ways you can get more for your money, from peer-to-peer currency exchanges to simple shopping around. Exchange rates do vary widely though, depending on where and when you swap your money. The important thing is not to leave it to the last minute to sort out your currency – that way, you could end up buying in an airport and getting short-changed,” said travel expert Caroline Lloyd. Airports may be where currency exchange dreams go to die, but if you pre-book in advance and collect there, rates can sometimes be quite competitive. Released as a pilot, the Supercard was soon fully subscribed and when this page was updated in┬áNovember 2015 it was not available.

The card seems to have been designed as a loss-leader for Travelex to help it gather more information about its customers’ spending habits. Look out for it if it proves successful and becomes available again. However, questioning the offered rate can be the easiest way of getting a bit more out of your money. If you’ve seen competitive exchange rates online but don’t have time to have it delivered, or you just don’t want to pay the delivery fee, be cheeky and ask if your local bureau de change will match the rate. According to a Thomas Cook spokesperson we asked in July 2014, when a customer may have found a better rate elsewhere their staff are allowed to price match at their own discretion. Finding somewhere to change money shouldn’t be difficult, but you may not have much choice depending on where you are.

It can be convenient to change money at your hotel, but remember that the exchange rate might not be the best. Getting a competitive rate is important, but look for somewhere safe and reputable, like a bank or an official bureau de change. Stay away from shady, cowboy money-changing shops and places that don’t display the exchange rate up front. It might be cheaper to change larger sums of money, so consider pooling cash to change with friends and family rather than all exchanging money separately.

How much are you paying in overseas fees? 2 every time you withdraw cash overseas. What’s more, the exchange rate given by your debit card provider might not be competitive. Even withdrawing cash abroad with certain credit cards might be more cost effective. You then look for the best deals the site has to offer and, if you see a rate you like, the trade is ‘matched’ and the sum transferred from your account to the seller’s, and vice versa. The money never actually leaves the country of origin, meaning that the cost of bank conversion fees is cut.