Forex faktorius atsiliepimai apie

Kas mane labiausiai sužavėjo, forex faktorius atsiliepimai apie žmogui 70 metų. Ir dar užtenka sveikatos bei noro gyventi!

I am sitting here right now with snow on the ground. What keeps me out of depression is planning my upcoming summer trip. With 60’s due later this week, we might get early spring! I can’t figure out how to add photos, so what the heck. However, I can guarantee that age is of little importance in my mode of travel. I exercise pretty well so that when I hop on my GT, I revert back to my teen days. Camping, traveling on my motorcycle, and hiking.

My present motorcycle is a Triumph GT. And, the type of traveling lifestyle that most people won’t enjoy. This year’s trip will start around June 20th. I pick this time as the days are the longest. And, typically, this can be in advance of the extreme heat out west. And I can be home before the dreaded 4th of July. My destination is a 9-10 day trip out west.

I will start in central Arkansas and travel across the top of Oklahoma. Out thru the panhandle to Black Mesa. One of my favorite camping places. Then, across the top of New Mexico and up thru the western portion of Colorado making my way to my most western stop. I learned a while back “do not” camp in MOAB. It can be well over 100 degrees. And, at night, the winds can pick up into the extremes.