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I received a mailshot offering free entries into the National Lottery – is it a scam? Trump’s tariffs explained: What are they, how has the world reacted and what are the forex factory gold newsletter for Britain and global trade? What on earth has been going on in Italy and what does it mean for you?

59bn Brits have tied up in Europe safe? It also found that two Cardiff branches just over three miles apart also gave different rates. Britons exchanging holiday cash at the Post Office may face a postcode lottery as pound to euro and pound to dollar exchange rates were found to vary across branches, a rival’s investigation has claimed. Fallen in love with your holiday destination this summer? It also found that two branches just over three miles apart also gave different rates. A spokesperson for the Post Office said: ‘We offer a highly competitive standard rate for all online currency purchases and the convenience of either home or branch delivery for all our customers wherever they live.

1000 and weekly special deals on specific currencies. The vast majority of the Post Office’s 11,600 branches offer the same exchange rates on all currencies. However, in around 500 of our branches, in areas where several foreign currency providers compete with each other within close proximity, we have made some small adjustments to the rates offered to ensure our customers continue to get the best possible deal. In general, holidaymakers heading to the Continent for the August bank holiday will have less money to spend after the pound hit an eight-year low against the euro this week. 0865 on Wednesday after the publication of some strong economic data suggested the eurozone is in better economic shape than thought. This was its lowest level since 2009 except for last Autumn’s flash crash. Those heading to the US have it a little better, as the pound is currently 7 per cent stronger against the dollar than when it hit its historic low in January.

This week, the pound reached its lowest level against the euro since 2009, which means consumers who haven’t planned ahead and bought currency in advance will have less cash to play with when they land at their destination of choice. They should keep track of rates as the pound’s progress changes daily,’ he said. Locking in a deal when the pound is at its strongest, while at the same time choosing the most reasonable provider, should mitigate much of the money they would have lost. 3,000 in the first three months. There is no annual fee but remember to clear the amount quickly as interest of 18. APR is applied to overseas transactions immediately. This is Money readers a free prepaid Mastercard currency exchange card.

It offers highly competitive exchange rates, no foreign transaction fees and low cash withdrawal charges abroad. What is behind the FTSE 100’s sudden sharp rise? The comments below have not been moderated. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. Can you use your smartphone sat-nav on the car passenger seat or in the cup holder?