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Fast Support We’ve been on a mission to offer the most developer friendly exchange rate forex exchange rates apic service since 2010! Extremely Easy to Use Just 2 lines of code in any programming language that supports HTTP requests. Take a look at our supported currencies here.

Prompt Support Email support for all users. Priority email support for paying customers. Accurate Exchange Rate Data Our exchange rate API uses multiple sources, giving you reliable results. Ultra Fast Our rates are served entirely from memory for the fastest responses. We use ISO 4217 Three Letter Currency Codes – e. USD for US Dollars, EUR for Euro etc.

Here’s the list of currency codes we support. Just substitute USD in the request below with the currency code you want data for and make a GET request. Take a look at our documentation for more details. GBP in the request below with the currency code pair you want data for and make a GET request. GBP This will return USD in terms of GBP. So if 1 USD is worth 0. You can supply us with your base currency and the IP address of a visitor to your site and we’ll return the exchange rate for that visitor based on IP Geo-Location.

We only support IPv4 currently but IPv6 is on the roadmap. In the example API response below your prices are in USD and a customer is visiting from a German IP address so EUR is returned as the appropriate currency for a German visitor. USD”, “to”: “BGN”, “country_code”: “BG”, “currency_symbol”: “43b,432”, “rate”: 1. Unhappy in the first 60 days?

All major credit cards and Paypal. We use the popular 2Checkout secure payment processor – we won’t have access to your card details. You can cancel your subscription at any time! Additionally, you can downgrade or upgrade your plan at any time.

Yes, we offer prompt and friendly email support to all our customers. Paying customers get priority over requests from users on our Free Plan. All plans can be purchased annually in advance with a 1 month discount! Simply choose this option before entering your payment details. Annual payments are not refundable – customers should make sure our product is right for them before committing to an annual pre-payment. Simply sign up and get started! You’ll have a quota of 1000 requests per month and hourly data updates.

If you want to make more requests you can simply upgrade to one of our paid plans at any time. Short answer: Depending on your subscription plan, either hourly or every 10 minutes. Long answer: Every 10 minutes we check for updates from our various sources. If updated information exists, our rates will change accordingly. Some of our sources issue updates in real time, while others issue updates every 6 hours, or once per day. However, most currencies will be updated much more regularly.

How Accurate Is The Currency Data? Our exchange rates are classed as indicative rates and are accurate enough to display price estimations. Where Does Your API Source Exchange Rates Data? We are always looking for new sources to build as much redundancy into our product as possible. How Are API Request Quotas Managed?

Does The API Offer Historical Rate Information? Yes, we now offer historical exchange rate data going back to 1990. For more information please see the documentation page for our historical exchange rates API. E-Commerce Stores The majority of our customers run e-commerce stores and want to use currency conversion on their prices. Showing customers pricing in their local currency is great for conversion! SaaS Applications You can see exactly how SaaS apps use our currency conversion API by taking a look at our Pricing section above! Localization can unlock a global audience for your SaaS product.