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As for the Singapore unit tax exempt, there is no such thing at all as krono is making use of malaysia’s MSc status for tax exempt and it only applies for its Malaysian unit, not Singapore. If u look at the accounts krono still pays tax for the most part as the Msia unit only consist a small amount. Whether there is max status or not would not bring any big difference. I think there are many forummers here post comments without doing any research and just like to create unnecessary panic.

Wah ppl still believe in this ah? Share Grant Plan expenses just one off to reward the staff. Anyone at AGM to ask questions? Wkwkwk why only enriching internal employees? I’m happy when I’m proven right. 20 to share price now I have been calling a sell.

I have over 50 years in investing experience. 25 cents I will start entering. You may correct my comments, i’m fine. I hav limited tax info on KAB MSC status becoz not mentioned in AR 2017 but i need to correct you. During my session with KAB, KAB operation mainly in Singapore but not Malaysia, the tax expense in MY is insignificant. Malaysia MSC exemption connected with singapore incentive ?