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Institutional Level Technology Our advanced analysis software gives institutional insight to provide you forex early warning com full view of the inner mechanics of the Forex market which amatuer traders never get to see giving you a huge edge. Results Driven Education Our world class education teaches you how to become a consistently profitable trader long term.

Our students have gone on to become pro traders, money managers and even instructors at CCT. Currency Trading Experts A team headed by James Edward, a successful forex trader with over a 13 years experience, all our instructors are full time traders who walk the walk every day to help get you results. OF FOREX TRADERS LOSE BECAUSE OF THIS We’ll show you a 19 second fix to help you avoid the danger. Watch the video to see if you can spot this trader’s mistake.

This completely changed the way I think about forex. I have learned more from CCT then I did in 3 years from other so called professionals that claim they trade forex full time for a living. I was on the verge of giving up, I thought I was not smart enough or suitable for this kind of work. 28 different pairs at a glance and at precisely the best time to enter. When I opened up that software, I can’t tell you how I felt. It was instant realization that from now on trading was going to be easy for me. Know the direction of the primary trend of a currency pair.

To determine this every day I analyze 22 pairs across 8-10 timeframes with simple trend indicators, by groups, i. USD pairs, EUR pairs, CHF pairs, etc. This is a link to the free indicators I use. Then I set price alarms at critical support and resistance areas, usually S1 or R1 and check the larger timeframes for pip potential using the same indicators. Here is the latest version, Version 2. This method works for very well for hundreds of traders in our community because you analyze the market thoroughly once per day and use almost no technical indicators, just simple trend indicators and entry verification using a real time visual map of the spot forex. Hope this information is helpful, the method is becoming quite popular.

Very promising and I like the no-hype attitude. Of course some numbers on sum of profits pips vs. To determine this every day I analyze 28 pairs across multiple time frames, with simple trend indicators, by groups, i. 0, I only enter trades fully verified by the Forex Heatmap. Today in forex trading the USD was weak on all pairs. SUPPORT US – if you like this website and wish to support further development of whatmyip. Forex signals and Forex trading plans twice daily to its registered members for which they have to log onto the official website.