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So here’s a guide on how to plan your Tokyo trip reasonably. Forex blogger malaysia malaysian you forex blogger malaysia terkaya add in some travel hacks to make it cheaper. Travel Guide and Things to do in Tokyo. Nara if you have only 1 week like travel agents always offer.

That is the worst travel planning ever in my opinion. You will end up wasting time on road without having time to really explore. The lowest price we paid for KL to Tokyo was RM350 return. Follow us on Facebook or Subscribe to our Email Newsletter for promotions. Haneda Airport is much closer to Tokyo compared to Narita International Airport.

SGD125 per night will get you a basic hotel or better choices on Airbnb. Toei Line stations to allow you convenience getting around Tokyo. SGD125 per night is also available. Get Extra RM100 off on your Airbnb booking when you Sign up new Airbnb HERE! The Gate Hotel Asakusa Kaminarimon by HULIC5. Traveling around Tokyo is even cheaper since our first trip. This pass is much cheaper than the normal day pass available at metro stations.

That day pass cost 1000 yen per day while 1500 yen gets you the same thing but for 3 days! So do buy the pass at the airport when arriving Tokyo. Toei Line will get you to all attractions and is much cheaper. The never ending list of food to try in Tokyo is one main reason we keep coming back.