Forex back testing software

Algo Quant – is a library of integrated forex back testing software research tools. Algo Quant is a lot more than just an application of backtesting. Seer is an application for the building, backtesting and optimizing of stock, futures and forex trading systems. It offers a simple tradesystem development framework using open financial data from Yahoo.

Optimizing advisor you will find lots of options trading. With a small and a large profit. Since the minimum and maximum risk. After optimization shows many profitable settings. This robot work my customers on live accounts. Expert works with the trend, to the moving average. EA opens a buy order, if formed undertow that fits under the terms of the external variables, namely the acceleration pulse, if a specified market momentum and touched MA, EA opens deal.

A good adviser with many options. There trailing stop, breakeven system, different filters. Trades on the currency pair GBPUSD, with M5-M30 time. Works on any time with any pair. Lots of options and opportunities for optimization.

Adviser on the indicators RSI and Moving Average. Has no fixity los stop and take profit. Good results above 1 hour chart. Works on the intersection of two moving averages. The exact order in 2 months. Great profit in one year and stable income for 4 years.

Based on the indicator moving average and standard third-generation trading system at the intersection of two moving averages. Shows good results on all pairs. Based on the work of the indicator Moving Average in MT4. Strategy “High and Low” pending orders. Based on the work of the indicator Parabolic SAR in MT4. Based on the work of the indicator RSI in MT4. EA Strategy – is one RSI EA with different settings.