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Which are the best traders to follow or strategies to copy? You can also click on the trader to view their profile and historical trade results. Disclaimer Please note that in no way should the following list of follow forex traders online to copy be considered as investment advice.

It’s included here for educational purposes only. Past results are no guarantee of future returns. Using social trading networks or mirror trading platforms to copy other traders can be very risky. However there’s no guarantee they follow all of their own signals. Disclaimer The info on this website is for information purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. Hi, I have been trading forex for a living since 2001, making profits each year.

I have been trading forex for a living since 2001, making profits each year. Now, you can follow my trades in real time for free. EA over a London Capital Group Demo account and copy my live trades . 100 pips per month, trading the EU. 000 accounts and they trade with leverages higher than 10:1.

There’s nothing wrong with 5 pips a day. It appears you do have a very small edge. However, what concerns me most, and would put me off whatever you results, is that your biggest loss was 7. Kelly value at the time was only 8. I don’t see how you can defend such risk.

000 each 100k Lot size . Has your returns been this good for 9 years? Is there any sort of methodology in your trading? With these numbers I can trade for a living and enjoy a lot of free time to play golf and travel. If you want, follow me, if you don’t then good luck. My equity and my balance are very similar, because I only open 1 trade at the same time with 20 -80 pips stops.

000, because this is my job and I must be more cautious than an investor investing risk capital. No idea about Kellys , small edge ? Between 2001 and 2004 I used also neural networks, but I didn’t like the results enough. Much focus is given on education for novice investors with an easy to use mobile friendly interface, while a fully functioning demo is available as well. Ayondo: Well established German based social trading network which is rapidly expanding throughout the rest of Europe. Tradeo: Launched as a social trading community network in 2012 which allowed traders to share their trading activities, interact and get feedback from other traders. Launched in 2015 by anyoption, the world’s largest binary trading website, copyop is the leading and most advanced social binary options trading network.

Their innovative platform allows you to watch, follow and automatically copy successful binary option traders. Their platform is designed to be fun and user-friendly too. Their trading platform let’s you copy trades from top performing traders by swiping left or right. A clever algorithm ensures that only trades which match your profile are displayed. Social interactions with other local and global traders on their network is possible too, and tutorials are available for beginners. Alternatively you can use their PAMM system to invest in other top traders and let them trade with it. Tradency Mirror Trader: Tradency is a financial technology company who’s key trading platform, Mirror Trader, allows traders and strategy developers from around the world to open, close and share their trades.

With the automatic mirroring functionality these trades can be automatically copied. Their platform is available through a list of brokers, though currently doesn’t include social interaction capabilities yet. Myfxbook: Started as a pure trading network where traders can connect their trading accounts to share their live trading signals and interact in their active Forex community forums. Also provides real-time charts and market indicators. 2013 which allows investors to copy trades from a small subset of the traders on their network. Darwinex: Darwinex launched to investors in September 2014. This innovative investment platform also lets you invest in other successful traders.

However instead of directly copying them, you purchase a DARWIN, similar to a stock or share, which tracks the performance of the top trader. CopyFX: This is the social copy trading service of RoboFOREX, an international broker established in 2009 with a focus on providing tools for expert auto robot traders. Via their CopyFX service you can view their best performing traders and automatically copy them via your account. You can try risk free via a demo account first. Works with multiple brokers and demo available too. IronFX Social Trader: IronFX is a global FX broker with customers in over 180 countries and support in 45 languages. They allow their clients to follow and copy successful trading strategies from others within their trading community, in real time.

Free demo available via their website. Their social Forex platform allows you to automatically duplicate the best trades from other successful traders, to share information and to communicate live with these experts. You can try their copy service with a demo account. FX Junction: FX Junction is an open social trading network which connects Forex traders and MT4 brokers around the world. Their platform allows you to share trade ideas and discuss market events. From 2013 they added functionality which allows every trader on their platform to become a subscriber or a provider of trade signals. The signal providers can be discussed in their online community as well.

Sunbird SIRIX: Sunbird is another FX broker who added automated trading to their client offering in 2013. Over time they added a social trading community and autotrading functionality. This uses the advanced SIRIX trading platform which is also used by various other brokers. CM Trading does however use an open approach which means you can mirror the trades of everyone on SIRIX, so also top professional traders at other brokers.