Fbs forex thai baht

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I am a forex trader since 2010, Before I was trading with diff broker which are good in comparison to FBS. When i started trading on my real account what I found is looks like that someone is controlling my account using some tool. I placed Trades set TP and SL, I saw that price of TP met and trade also becomes yellow to get closed but what trade did not closed and again price reversed and after few mins SL reached . This issue happened to me mANY TIMEs and I reported to FBS they says there is nothing like that we cannot help. I was using lot size mostly 1 or 5 and found only that time these cases happened to me.

VPS to trade for this issue, But when I found offline issue on my own Personal Internet then same time i found on vps same issue. Hardly I cashout my money rest . But guess what here these scammers charges too much per withdrawal means you need to EARN too much in order to cashout. Now recently these scammers launched a contest Drive LEXUS from FBS!

Tshit as prize draw, and rascals were keep sending me email remember to win more keep trading 5 lots to get more codes. Also the Car winner is Fake don’t go with this trap. I am really Disappointed by trading at this Scam broker. If you are starter in market please never chose this scam broker FBS for your trading. This is fully controlled run by Scam team who knows only to cheat you. All support is very poor also withdrawal is very bad here they charges too much fee in comparison to payment gateway. Until I get any REFUND or prize for my losses I will keep aware other users so that they not comes into the trap of these scammers.

FBS has been a great broker for me, they are offering some really good features. Ive been using this broker lately and i can say that it has a good execution and fair spread as well, i got the bonus as well when i first registered right away, so far i’m impressed with FBS! 500 cents in cent accountand i won upto 5000 cents . Everybody isn’t it weird, I have been giving FBS 9 pages in the FPA scam folder thread, but so far FBS hasn’t answered any of my questions directly even I repeated them many times. 356791 that belong to someone named Lang Li?

Is the fact listed in question 1 a ‘third party payment’ in your definition? Are your customers only allowed to log into trading accounts on computers they legally own? FBS: if you are really a honest and decent broker you claim to be, and you have not been scamming customers as everybody says nowadays on internet, I believe you would be very willing to answer these questions directly one by one. 4 questions, then I guess you are admiting to the public you are a scam! As I can see now, you have only 4133. 40 EUR deposited to your trading account number 351427, and 7044.

32 EUR deposited to your trading account number 349764. This is really very disputable situation upon this matter. These funds were added automatically to trading account number 356791 as it was requested and they were lost as the result of a trading. Deposits via skrill are processed and added to trading account automatically. As you mentioned before, according to our Customer agreement: 5.