Excel markets forex

Tickdatamarket is one of the world’s largest databases of high frequency data for financial institutions, traders and researchers alike. It captures, compresses, archives and provides uniform access to global excel markets forex data. Tickdatamarkets collects every tick for all asset class types including equities, futures, interest rates, FX and cash indices, as well as full order book data.

Tickdatamarket enable clients to run historical simulations and back-test, develop trading and market-making strategies and build transaction-cost models. We propose about 1000 futures, 1000 cash indices, 1000 FOREX parities and 40 stock markets. With data on over 70,000 symbols covering 40 years, Tickdatamarket offers a unique source to analyze the global economy. Experience  the past to minimize the uncertainty of the future. Tickdatamarket’s massive centralized historical database was specifically created to serve as the backbone for testing trading strategies.

Our data integrity team is dedicated to cleaning and maintaining the quality of the data. Quotes, minute data, Order  Book and daily data. We collect information from different live market data sources and directly from some stock exchanges. All data are controlled and cleaned.