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But that’s where we come in! I have just spent a soul-destroying afternoon of my life finding out all kinds of boring details about Kigali Airport so that you everest forex promotion code’t have to. I know this info will come in handy later, so I’m going to hold off on that. Kigali Airport Information Unlike normal airports the world over, Kigali International Airport doesn’t seem to think it needs a website.

Flight Status Updates Kigali’s airport doesn’t have a website. I’m not really sure what a website would say. Well don’t worry because you can get all that wonderful information from the Kigali section of Skyscanner. Airlines There are only a handful of airlines flying into and out of Kigali. Bizarrely, Rwandair flights have been known to leave early. Arrivals Kigali airport is possibly the least intimidating airport I’ve ever been to.

It’s small, compact, and arriving and finding your way out of the airport is easy. Plus people speak English and are friendly so there’s always someone around to ask your questions to should you start to freak out for some reason. Getting Money Kigali Airport, while small, it does have a few practical things at the new arrival’s disposal. There’s an Ecobank ATM machine just as you exit the baggage claim area. This works with international Visa and Visa Debit cards but you’ll be out of luck if you don’t have a Visa-affiliated card. But there’s a money exchange desk nearby so you can sort out your cash that way. The rate decreases as the denomination gets smaller.