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Kaplan also made some comments earlier in the europe forex news . Not much insights by Nowotny as he is playing the Goldilocks card.

Speech in Melbourne entitled “” in which he┬ádiscusses the impact that monetary policy since the financial crisis has had on the income, wealth and well-being of different sets of households. The report by Bloomberg says that trade talks broke down last week after the Trump administration demanded that China take steps to curtail support for high-tech industries. Has the trade war rhetoric changed after Xi’s speech today? 8700 yesterday and rallied to 0. FX option expiries for the 14. China president Xi Jinping in his speech earlier in the day. Earlier last month, China premier Li Keqiang that they are targeting a GDP growth figure of 6.

Deutsche raises China 2018 GDP forecast to 6. Nikkei 225 closes higher by 0. Japan March preliminary machine tool orders 28. 00 ahead of European trading, what’s next? Most economic calendars will have already swapped the two accordingly, but this is just another reminder – in case your body clock needs to make some adjustments too. Lagarde touching more on fintech, keeping away from the trade spat between China and US at the moment. Fintech has been a little slow in its adoption in Asia – but has been making headway in the past year, though that also means that it poses a threat to banks and the way the financial system is run and regulated in the region.