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BBS Trading Expert is available¬†with the “BAND INDICATORS” DVD! Esignal free forex signal to know more about “Capturing Profit with Technical Analysis”? AXIOM business books awards, bronze medal for my book! AXIOM Business Books Awards, bronze medal.

A great majority of private investors are trading based on fundamental analysis. They are long term investors buying stocks that are kept in portfolio for the long term. The idea behind is that in the long run the stock market is basically rising. With this kind of investing the money must be spread among a bigger number of different stocks and sectors. This means that there must be sufficient starting capital and that it must be reserved for long term investing only. A big disadvantage is the difficulty to define rules when to open and close a trade, because fundamental data is generally lagging considerably.

Looking for an alternative based on technical analysis techniques you can use the BBS or the “Band Break System” presented here. Please note the formulas for BBS and indicators are proprietary but are licensed for private use with the purchase of the DVD. It is ready and you can have it for free. Using technical analysis I believe there are two different approaches to look for buy and sell signals.