Elliott wave count forex market

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AXIOM business books awards, bronze medal for my book! AXIOM Business Books Awards, bronze medal. One of the only tools that can give you an idea in which direction the stock price is going to move next, is the use of Elliott waves. With short, medium and long term Elliott waves trend analysis we can have a pretty good indication if price has a better chance going up or going down in those different periods.

In addition it can give us price targets. Your Elliott wave count does not have to be perfect. You most probably will have to review counts regularly. What is important at the end is that when you expect an up move, price makes an up move. In my book “Capturing Profit with Technical Analysis”, there is a small tool that will help you making Elliott wave counts. Introduction During an illness in the mid-1930s, Ralph Nelson Elliott discovered the correlation between human emotion and trend patterns contained within price charts.