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Enter the terms you wish to search for. Far-right podcast host Christopher Cantwell had already been denied one source of funding even before his name became synonymous with the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12 last year. The crowdfunding platform Patreon would be edison currency bitcoin from the last revenue stream to become off limits.

Cantwell has been using Bitcoin since 2013 but has more recently been promoting Monero, a controversial, decentralized cryptocurrency that promises total anonymity in its transactions. He views it as an alternative way for his white supremacist fan base to give him handouts, but also as a tool that can be used by purveyors of his extremist lifestyle in a more general sense. Lucas Nuzzi, the Director of Technology at Digital Asset Research, an expert in cryptocurrency. So, it’s not surprising that they would be gravitating to something like Monero, which promises them anonymous transactions. In Cantwell’s case, it’s not about who he believes is trying to take over the country, but about who he imagines already runs it. Cantwell embraces a number of blatantly false conspiracy theories surrounding Jewish people and scapegoats them for his struggles with finance.

But Cantwell is not only limited in his capacity to use crowdfunding websites. He faces a myriad of legal troubles and increased scrutiny from law enforcement as a result of them. Monero was not necessarily designed as a tool to work around the scrutiny of law enforcement or the IRS, but the appeal for someone who may want to do so is obvious, Nuzzi posited. Cantwell, Nuzzi said, suggesting that the number of overall users who fit into these categories is likely small.

The appeal is that whoever is looking at a given transaction can’t pinpoint who sent and received the money. Nuzzi added, they aren’t user-friendly yet. Bitcoin in order to pull off. That means that if someone wanted to convert U.

Monero, he or she would first have to purchase Bitcoin before moving forward. Daily Stormer, which, like Cantwell’s radio show, has been orphaned by traditional payment services and been targeted with lawsuits over its content, now accepts handouts in Monero as well as Bitcoin. Monero has value but only if it turns into money. No one cares about your crypto if you can’t turn it into real money.