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Gold prices inched up on Thursday, as the U. Forex – Euro Pares Gains after U. The euro pared back gains on Thursday as the U. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced Thursday that the U. Italy’s political crisis dominated headlines and market action this week.

Oil Prices Edge Lower Ahead Of U. Oil Halts Decline As Focus Shifts To U. If you do not wish to recieve these messages, please check this box. AEX is running out of steam and created a zone of rejection at the all time highs. Price is now likely to go down. What might potentially happen: – Price goes down to 540 area and bounce back – Prices goes down to 540 area and break further down towards the 500-510 area.

AEX perfect rising wedge, top for world Indices? It has formed a textbook rising wedge. Other exchanges are looking more bullish, and the AEX is everything but leading but sometimes it does indicate to where the market is heading. First target is around 550, could still see a false breakout on the upside first. Just an idea, I used fractals from the run before and it looks like the current situation. RSI is bearish, and the 12345 eliott wave SHOULD be completed.

This is just an experiment, don’t trade based on this. Hello Tradingview, I’m an amateur when it comes to TA, I’m involved in Bitcoin and trying my best to learn as much as I can. I would not recommend trading on my analysis, I’d be suprised if anyone even considers it really. Summary: What you see here is the AEX weekly and may I say so myself, quite a bearish picture.

AEX: Sell in may but remember September. Sell in may but remember September. Here we have the Sell-in-may-and-go-away strategy applied to the AEX and what would have happened historically had you used this strategy. Verwachting van AEX: Eerst testen van Highs op 565-580 om vervolgens te dalen richting: 1. Volatility continues to be the name of the game this year. Emerging markets like the Argentina Merval highlight upside growth potential. Can the volatility continue or are we seeing another Pre 2008 financial crisis scenario?

Are we ending this bullish market for 8 years in a row? Too many optimistic investors, a lot of new players in the market. Im shorting, if trendline breaks im in the green, if it bounces off i’ll sell. Bold move, but im taking it. AEX: XMAS rally to the downside? I’m bearish AEX end of year. Big boys have to take profit and square their positions end of year.