Direct forex

With direct access to the underlying market, you no direct forex pay an IG spread. What are the benefits of DMA? Find out how direct market access gives experienced traders increased flexibility, visibility and pricing options.

Low commission With Forex Direct, we charge a variable commission instead of a spread, based on the volume you traded in the preceding month. Tight market spreads Trading on buy and sell prices quoted directly from a range of venues gives you a tighter spread than trading an over-the-counter product. DMA prices aren’t necessarily better than OTC, but direct access to the markets can give you greater visibility as a trader. With the added complexities to the trading environment offered by DMA, there can be an increased risk.

We take a parallel position in the underlying market, so once your order has been executed, we can’t change or reverse it. While you’re trading based on the underlying market, what you actually receive on placing a DMA trade is a CFD from us. If the margin check is satisfied, we place an order in our name in the market, and create a parallel CFD between you and us if your order is executed. While you’re trading at market prices, you don’t gain any ownership rights over the currencies which form the subject of your CFD. 1000 in your account to access L2 Dealer with IG. We ask you about your financial trading experience. We can usually verify your identity immediately.