Dinapoli forex strategy

This dinapoli forex strategy strategy has been optimised for the German DAX Spot Index which consists of the 30 major German companies trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The core logic is based on the Switchback Forex Trading Robot, but the configurable parameters are simplified to adjust to the changing market conditions for maximum performance. This is a technical strategy which identifies the trend and uses advanced risk management.

Exponential Moving Average and the Simple Moving Average, these also are all optimised and not configurable. It uses a comprehensive Smart-Grid Strategy which is based on Multi-Time-Frame trending indicators with 25 combinations together with built-in Advanced Risk Management. Timeframe: This can be changed, but 1 minute is the best setting. Gambling Factor: The higher the value, the higher the profit, but at the same time the higher the potential drawdown. Max Trades per Day: Set the number of trades submitted for each day, this can reduce losing trades when the market reverses.

Max Losing Trades per Day: a losing trade usually means the market is about to reverse the trend. Max Trades in Red: limit how many open trades that are losing. Max Spread: limit opening a position if the spread is high. Include Trailing Stop: if yes, a trailing stop is turned on for all open positions. Include Break-Even: if yes, a break-even is turned on for all open positions.

Break-even Extra: the stop loss will be set to break-even plus an additional amount of pips to cover fees. Use it at your own risk. Notification Publishing copyrighted material is strictly prohibited. Can we have smaller lot sizes of 0. Thank you for your comments, even though it is tailored for the DAX, it will work very well with other symbols. I have published the system again on our website, you can download the trial again from the link below.

It now allows a lot size as small as 0. This seems to trade very few days, then suddenly it trades many trades on a day, will this perform the same in forex market, have you run the algo in the EUR pair for example. The services provided by Spotware Systems Ltd. Neither is the information on our websites directed toward soliciting citizens or residents of the USA. Want to earn in the Market?