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Our attempt at bringing you the best forex trade journal fell short of our original ambitions, with changes to business strategy and human resources ultimately keeping us from developing the site further. We truly believe that at our peak, we provided you david borman forex charts great tool in your trader’s toolbox, helping you to record and analyse your trading activity.

We are so grateful to you for giving us a shot and spending your precious time with us. We thank you for the support over the years and wish you all the best, in trading and life. Trading Diary Trading help, book reviews, risk management, and interviews. I own and manage a company called Chicago Quant Research. I’ve had the opportunity to perform statistical analysis and writing for academic research and financial end users.

My current project is to put together a bid for a client who wants data mining done for a trading system he has developed in Ninja Trader. I’ve also written over 100,000 words this year alone on various writing projects including financial and historical research. What is your new book about? Day Trading as a business is much different than how most people Day Trade. Most people say they Day Trade for profit, but in reality they trade for pleasure. There are a lot of day trading book out there.

Why did you decide to write one? And why should I buy yours? Most of the Day Trading books out there are very technical in nature. What experience do you have of day trading? I’ve traded and day traded everything from Mutual Funds, ETFs, Gold, Equities, and FX.